A framework and CLI for
rapidly creating canvas projects.

Start coding immediately

Eliminate scaffolding, boilerplate, and manual wire-up.

        $ gesso init
        $ gesso serve 
 * Listening on http://localhost:8000/

Enhance your project

Juice your game up with the gesso-box2d extension.

Customize your game engine

Or write a game engine from the ground up.

Every game is unique. Gesso gives you the tools to construct the game engine you need using technology that already exists.

Create reusable game components.

Extend the build

Add language support, linters, asset pipelines, and more.

Publish your work

Add your built code as a <script> to any page with a <canvas>. That's all.

        $ gesso build 
Building dist\your-project.js...

$ aws s3 cp dist s3://mybucket/project

If multiple <canvas> elements exist, the one with your-project class will be used.
The exact behavior can be customized.

Install Gesso.js

Accelerate your <canvas> project with one command.

$ npm install --global gesso